What did the American waitress say to the English man about William and Kate’s royal pregnancy?

Here are the stats of this story:

  • My English friend, (we’ll call him ‘Biggles’) is in Los Angles on business right now.
  • William and Kate, the most gorgeous and most royal of couples have an heir-bun in the oven.  (YAY!)
  • Biggles went out for breakfast this morning – and so the scene unfolds.


Waitress:  Hello, my name is *waitress* and I’ll be your server today.

Biggles: Good morning.

Waitress: Can I get you started with some coffee this morning?

Biggles:  Yes, thanks.

Waitress: Cream and sugar?

Biggles:  Black, please.

Then the waitress turns to go.  She pauses.  She returns.

Waitress: And we’ve just heard the big news.  You must be so proud!

She turns and leaves.


Hahaaaa!  He must be SO PROUD!  I love it. :)