The Royal Wedding!!! Have you ever SEEN so many crazy-mazing hats??

I literally feel exhausted after watching the royal wedding.  I was soooooo freakin’ excited!!  Far more excited, in fact, than I ever thought I’d be.

PeacefulYorkshire and I were Skyping each other while watching the prep on the BBC.  It was awesome watching Wills ride to the Westminster Abby (not a shabby place to tie the knot, I must say…).  Kate’s dress was insanely gorgeous – she looked completely perfect.  I think she did an awesome job of masking the outright terror she must have felt because of the pressure and attention.  I walked down the aisle with 35 people watching at it almost ended me… 2 billion and I would’ve needed to be air-lifted down the aisle with a special lacey bridal oxygen tank for good measure.

But my favourite part (aside from the ceremony, my Brit-lovin’-darlings) was the HATS.  Have you ever seen such outstanding hats in your life???  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I still can’t get enough of it… I’m going to have to Google some pictures after I write this.

I want one… a HUGE one.  A hat so big that the person next to me has to move down a chair because my swirly bits of fabric are waggling too close for comfort.

Have any of you lovely ladies bought giant hats or fascinators for weddings or the races?  I’ve yet to join that club… but I think I’m caving fast…

Congrats Wills and Kate!  You’re both gorgeous, lovely and surfing on a giant wave of wonga – the ladies of She’s Not From Yorkshire wish you the royal best! :)

English people DO cry at weddings, but you can tell they’re horrified about it…

As a seasoned-expat, I think I’ve gotten fairly used to the English stiff upper lip.  It used to drive me bonkers when I first moved here.  I found myself wanting to take random Brits by the shoulders and shake them until they were forced to emote.  (Unless large amounts of booze is involved, in which case the stiff upper lip stops being such an issue.)  :)

With wedding season once again upon us, I’ve been a witness to the inner struggle of Brits trying to keep their stiff upper lips locked-down in emotional situations.

I don’t know about you ladies, but I could cry for a living.  EVERYTHING makes me cry, but I don’t mind.  Mr. Nice Guy is used to it (having lived through 10 years of it already).  In private?  Sure thing.  In public?  No problem.  Just set me up with my water-proof mascara and some Kleenex and I’m ready to roll.  Happy as a sad-clam…

Twice this year I was asked to play during a wedding (sitting up front with a full few of the peeps in the pews), and I’ve watched as the lovely Brits start to cave (usually when people are saying their vows).  First their faces harden as the struggle begins.  Lips pressed together, eyes glancing up to hold in the emotion, but it’s a losing battle.  When the first tear falls, they might glance around to see if anyone has noticed.  If the tears keep comin’, a general look of uncomfortable surrender eventually takes place.  Surrender is complete when the tissue-rummaging and tear-mopping begins.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that if other people are already crying, then it’s not such a big deal.  So, American ladies, do your British lady-friends a favour at the next wedding and be the first one to cross the snuffly finish line.

Initially, at these two weddings, I wished I could’ve given them a little slice of my ‘Just cry, it’s awesome and you’ll feel better’ pie.  But the truth is, they don’t really need my help.  Brits been stiff-upper-lipping for generations  - it wouldn’t seem like England without this charmer…

PS – I’m especially excited about wedding season this year because I’m going to be PeacefulYorkshire’s biotch-of-honour at her wedding in the States next year.  WOOOHOOOOO!!! :D

Why do British women wear hats to weddings and what is their secret for looking so stylish in them?


One of our long time blog readers (who calls herself ‘I love this blog)’ wrote us last week. She asks us a question which I am hoping our smart-as -a-whip readers, (like you, my lovely!) will help answer:

I’ve just clicked through a friend’s photo album where she attended a wedding in the Welsh countryside… What’s the deal with women and hats? They look fantastic!

The British Best Man: one of many perks of being and American woman in love with British man

avt_kapyork_large115Mr. Charismatic has the best group of friends.  They are all spread around the UK and get together a couple of times a year but it is always as if they see each other every day.  When it came to choosing a best man, he had such a hard time deciding.  No matter which one he chose, I knew it would be a great choice because when you have a British man as your Best Man you get a whole lot of perks:

1. Cheeky digs at the groom about settling down, no more single life, gaining in-laws etc with a really loving undertone because he really is so happy for his friend.

2. Charm and flattering anecdotes for you, the bride, because he wants you to know that the cheeky digs are just a right of passage for the groom and not something to take too seriously. 

3. The comfort of knowing that your groom is getting a bachelor party that will exceed all of his expectations and never leave him feeling like he didn’t get a proper send off – but that his British best man has the taste and discretion to keep it classy.

4. When you make your entrance and begin to walk down the aisle – if your groom starts to get a little emotional – the British best man won’t be afraid to put his arm around his friend, give him a knowing look and help him keep it together.

5. Your American wedding guests will find the best man (and the other British groomsmen for that matter) so charming and you will be eternally grateful to him for helping your guests be comfortable and entertained while you and your groom do your best to connect with everybody there.

6. When it is time for the toasts, the British best man will appear just nervous enough but be prepared with a thoughtful, hilarious, and tastefully appropriate speech.  He will manage to take the mick just enough so that everyone finds the groom even more charming and interesting than ever before. 

7. And after the wedding is over, the best man will still be the same great friend he was before you got married even though he might be just a little freaked out that his best friend got married. 

Ladies – just think you should know what your getting if you decide YOUR British man is the one for you.  :)