Football Football Football

You already know my feelings about the great British pub and the football that we watch in the pubs.   What about this seemingly never ending football season?  Forget Premiership, Coca Cola Championship and several other tiers of football leagues.  When there is a break in league play we get Carling Cup, European Cup, World Cup, national games, and friendlies - there must be more.  So even though July and August are “the off season,” football seems to go on all year long.  Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays.

“It will never be finally decided who has won the football” Mitchell and Webb - worth watching.

And fantasy leagues?  One must know every goal scorer of every match.  So supporting one team is not enough.  We must watch Match of the Day and Match of the Day 2.

My favourite part (and I’m serious about this) is after you watch Match of the Day or the Saturday Soccer Report – or whatever that Sky show is where you watch all the commentators watching football on their little screens with earphones and microphones attached to their heads.  After all the excitement in their voices and faces and the continuously raised blood pressure… the league tables come up on the screen to overview all the results of the day.  The man who reads out all the scores has the most monotone, unexcited voice.  I can’t get over the extreme excitement followed by the most uninterested voice ever to read football scores.  I giggle every time.  :)

Here’s a funny male perspective on discovering the delights in sharing the British football pub experience.

Happy Soccer Saturday!!