American boobs remain in the sun on European beaches

yahooavatar15As an American in Britain, no doubt you will have gone away (or will go!) on holiday to a European beach at some point. The question as you spread out your beach towel, lather on the spf 105  sunscreen is then, will you go topless a la monokini like your European sistahs??

If so well, oh, dear me, you might be one of the few if you are in France! It seems that French women these days consider themselves too “prudesque” to be baring their breasts on the beach these days. According to a recent Time Magazine article, the numbers of French women going topless on the beach have fallen significantly, with 88% of French women surveying calling themselves “priggish or modest”. So who does that leave to be baring boobs on those European beaches? Why, apparently its the American ladies on holiday, of course! From the article:

The contrast with U.S. practices is hard not to notice. American women visiting France these days have few qualms about going topless. And plenty of young American women are only too happy to playfully flash their wares in exchange for a few beads. In some ways, the puritanical swimsuit now seems to be on the other torso — a new French squeamishness that will doubtless leave some Americans, well, titillated.

Although I wonder where did Time Magazine get this information that it is the Americans that remain topless. What, did they go around asking each woman what nationality they are from? As if!!

And to you readers, were you topless this summer on European beaches? I can fully report that unlike France, going topless in Spain is thriving on the beaches, just for the record—

To see the BBC’s  take on the issue (with no mention of American boobs taking over) click here