Shite buggery knob bollocks… England are out of the World Cup


I write this thirteen minutes after the whistle blew in the England v Germany game.

I’ve had thirteen minutes to recover with a consolation croissant and a consolation cup of coffee… Sigh.

America was knocked out yesterday :( and now the UK follow suit against their uber rivals, the Germans (4-1?!? 4-1?!?!?!?).  Not the best 48 hours of sport I’ve ever experienced if I’m honest…

I watched the game with my Ma-and-Pa-in-laws and my guy, Mr Nice Guy.  There was much effing and blinging (well, the conservative equivalent of effing and blinding) when England had their second goal disallowed.  And as soon as that happened, the predictions of England’s demise started flying around the room.  Optimism had left the building :)

“The Germans look so much more of a team”

“Yes, they’re all the same size and shape, too”

“England have style, but they’re not as technical”

(“Well, at least they have style”, I thought, grinning inwardly to myself)

“Look at the Germans… they seem… so… GERMAN.  They execute every play like cold robots”

I burst out laughing at this one.  Watching the English in the living room was just as entertaining as watching the football on TV.

All in all, I think we (they?) were completely trounced by the Germans.  But, hey, at least we won the war! ;)

English behaviour / behavior during the World Cup is a little confusing


Ok, I’m trying to wrap my head around this.  And no doubt certain wordy commentors will set me straight ;)  These are the facts I’m working with:

  • English people favour realism over optimism.
  • English people don’t like to brag – but are masters of the understatement when communicating successes.  It’s like a code they all speak.
  • English people are not inherently patriotic.
  • English people root for the underdog.

But just before the World Cup starts:

  • English people think they will probably win the World Cup
  • English people (well some of them) VERY LOUDLY boast of how amazing their team is
  • English people plaster every surface of every item they own with an English flag
  • English people want to winwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwin

Now we’re smack dab in the middle of the World Cup.  I’m writing this the day after the most dull and depressing game of football of ALL TIME when the UK drew nil-nil against Albania.  (Made slightly worse by the fact that it was shortly after the 2-2 USA v Slovenia game that was AMAZING.)

I think the behaviour and reaction I’ve grown to expect is starting to return after that heinous game.  The whole ‘I knew this was going to happen’, attitude started to show by half time.

I still find it confusing, though.  The same thing happened the last time around by I was fresh off the boat so I don’t think I noticed so much.  Give me another couple of years and I’ll have it figured out…


Note:  I had this scheduled to go out a day after England got knocked out of the World Cup – thought I’d better publish it earlier after the England v Germany trouncing :(