Ginger Minger

What is the problem with being ginger (or red hair as it took me some time to figure out)?  It seems there is some deeply rooted disdain towards gingers.  So much so that I know an entire group of people who won’t admit that their friend is ginger.  Ok, his hair is strawberry blonde (not fully red) but they insist he is blonde only.  What is this all about?

It it inexplicable to the point of being ridiculous.  In fact, some Americans pay a lot of money to have beautiful red hair!  Ok, so it is mostly American women but I’ve never had a conversation with an American woman about whether we’d refuse to date a man because he had red hair – never ever.  Maybe the odd ‘Firecrotch’ got giggled about at school, but that was the full extent.

I think it’s all Rick Astley’s fault.  Poor gingers.  I know the British are famous for being equal opportunity offenders… It seems gingers get the short end of the ‘taking the mickey’ stick.