Everyone jogs in the South West of England… but I'm tired.

yankeebeanYou go for  a walk – there’s joggers over-taking you.

You go for a drive – you’re constantly on the look out to make sure they don’t dive in front of you.

You go and hang out in the part – you feel like a lazy dude because there’s joggers swarming all around you.

I have nothing against joggers whatsoever, in fact I used to be one.  I’m kind of an exercise-ho… I jump on whatever exercise band wagon is barreling along and see what it’s like.  I’ll try pretty much anything that I can do on my own – Pilates, yoga, tap-dancing, roller-skating, circuit training, gym memberships, Curves, and right now I’m doing the 30 Day Shred (and, bloody hell, it’s whooping me BIG TIME.)

But I’ve never seen such a huge presence of joggers anywhere else ever.  No matter what time it is, no matter what the weather is like, they’re out there – running along in their extra-aero-dynamic-skin-tight suits and reflective shoes.

I’ve done my fair share of moving, I’ve lived all over – US, UK, big cities, tiny towns, north, south, and east (but not west).  But I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.  It’s funny because Mr. Nice Guy says that when he thinks of Americans, he thinks of extremes.  People are EXTREMELY Christian, or EXTREMELY liberal, or EXTREMELY healthy, or EXTREMELY fat.  But we seem to live in a health-nut area in the South West of England… it does make it seem kind of American somehow.

Is this one of those North South divide things?  Has anyone else noticed?

Anyway, I keep seeing all these joggers and thinking ‘Oooo, I should go for a run, that looks good’.  The actually ACT of jogging has yet to take place, but I’m not holding my breath.  I don’t have anything left after The Shred, anyway :)