How do the British celebrate Easter? One English pub manager gives his opinion.

yahooavatar15Tell our She’s Not from Yorkshire readers about yourself:

My name is Rodders and I am the pub manager here at this pub, age 39. I am a Man city supporter, umm, I am not sure what else to say, like.  I have 1 kid named Sophie and it will be the first Easter that she will be aware of what’s going on so I will be looking forward to that. This time of the year is great for my pub as people have 4 days of consistent drinking ahead.

What is a popular Easter drink then since you run a pub?

Just the usual really, pints.

So, how do the Brits celebrate Easter in general?

We give each other Easter eggs. Eat lots of chocolate, best of all Easter also starts the British summertime. We have 4 days off, its a lot of laughter, everyone is happier, so it feels a positive time. Everyone goes on day trips, ice cream vans are back out…. it s a good time of year. There is also a lot of flowers blooming everywhere. This time of year is probably the prettiest time of year in Britain. Its more about the natural season then any religious holiday. But thanks to the religious aspect part of it we get 4 days off to enjoy it.

Yeah, the four day off thing is fantastic. So, what have you done to celebrate this year?

So far I haven’t done anything.

Do you have any plans then?

Yes, I am going to buy my little girl an Easter egg .

There are only 104 different kinds to choose from last time I went to Tesco’s– gosh, now there are even organic ones, fair-trade ones, luxury one’s at twice the price–

(laughs) Think that I’ll just buy her the biggest one, no doubt like (laughs some more)

Some of our American readers might not know what the “easter egg” thing is since we do more selling of pre-made baskets in the states.

Its a chocolate egg the size of an adult hand. They come wrapped in a purple foil. Or gold too. Inside there is a toy or more chocolates. My favourite is the Minstrel egg. Everyone used to stayed clear of Revels Easter eggs because all the kids hated the coffee flavoured one.

What are some British traditional Easter foods?

Hot cross buns, Simnel cake, spring lamb. I like hot cross buns more than Easter eggs, they’re more savoury. (He then starts singing the theme song to Hot Cross Buns jokingly)

In America there are lots of easter egg hunts, would you say Brits do the same thing?


And the Easter bunny? Does he make an appearance?

Not like that American twat bunny you see (laughs) The American ones are everywhere over there. Its more about the bunny then it is Jesus in America! The Easter bunny thing arrived when I was older, probably from America. I always wondered why its an Easter bunny that brings eggs? Wouldn’t it make sense to have a chocolate chicken that laid chocolate eggs?

Britain doesn’t seem very “Jesus” orientated either.

No, its not, my parents go to church but I don’t. I used to have to get all dressed up when I was little for the Easter meal and church, I hated that.

Anything else that you would like to say about how the Brits celebrate Easter?

Everyone forgets to put suntan lotion on if its warm and comes back with red faces. People drink too much beer and come back to work Tuesday with a hang-over. Dads spend half of the day trying to steal the kids chocolate (laughs)

Thanks for the interview and enlightening me.