13 Little Reasons to love Britain

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    Back in America, people forget to make teas and coffees

    avt_kapyork_large115Not long ago I was posting about what a waste of time it was to ask each of my colleagues if they wanted a cup of tea or coffee.   If I wanted a cup of tea I could spend 30 seconds making one, or I could make a hot drink for everyone in the office and walk the drinks slowly over to them without spilling.  By the time I got back to working I had forgotten completely what I was doing before. 

    Anyways, I did grow to appreciate offering tea/coffee to any guests or visitors to my home.  And I loved when visiting others I was sure to get a cup of tea to warm me up.  In fact, I learned that the warming tea was a great way to feel more comfortable because I used to leave my coat on when visiting others because I am pretty much always cold and British people thought it strange indeed.  What can I say, I never learned that people want you to remove your outer layer upon entering their home.  Whatever, thank goodness for hot tea. 

    So I was sitting at a relative’s house in my American home city and was there for over an hour and never once was offered a drink.  It was so strange.  The seven other American women didn’t seem to mind.  None of them were fidgeting because they had nothing in their hands.  But I was sitting there preoccupied that my relative must have run out of coffee because I couldn’t even smell any brewing in the kitchen.  Not that I wanted coffee, I wanted tea.  But it wouldn’t have been the same anyways. 

    Mr. Charismatic’s family arrive tomorrow for our wedding.  I bought them an electric kettle to use for the 2 weeks they are around and  plan to go round to theirs and drink tea with them often.  This will be one of the pleasures I look forward to when we come back to visit Britain.  Maybe it will be my British “Chipotle”.  mmmm

    ps. I haven’t yet been to Chipotle and I’ve been here almost 4 weeks!  Its funny that when there is no sense of urgency to satisfy my American food cravings, I don’t even bother.   Perhaps if I wasn’t a little worried about fitting into my wedding dress perfectly I would have had a big yummy burrito by now.