"Political conversations are a lot easier these days!" says one American woman living in Yorkshire

yahooavatar15Thank you, President Obama!

Now that old Bushy former president G.W. Bush is out of the White house I’m no longer listening politely, yet cringing with shame on the inside. Why? I haven’t had to listen to countless “did you hear what Bush did this week?” conversations at dinner parties. Oh, and at tea-breaks. And while driving with cabbies around town. Oh, and with the Tesco’s cashier. Maybe you have noticed that too? Instead the jokes seem to revolve now on Gordon Brown these days as he picks his nose on a Youtube video, smiles oddly when announcing MP tax allowance cuts and then disables any viewer comments. But that’s another story.  Now back to the point of this post. President Obama has celebrated his 100th day in office this past week, and  even my co-worker Fran is not saying that she thinks that Obama is going to be assassinated anymore. Thank goodness.

Now here is where you come in. For the last 100 days we kept a (non!) official poll to ask you if you would consider moving back to America now that Obama is president. The inspiration for such a question? Well, I know that I have been much more tempted to up sticks and move back to the US. I felt that things could be different there with a new leader–and some of you did too! Well, at least 16% of you.

The other 48% of you said that you are happy living in the UK (tea anyone?) despite him in being in office.

20% polled were already IN America.

16% polled wanted to wait and see how things progress. (Do y’all still feel that way?)

To leave you to celebrate your May Day Bank Holiday weekend I have found this BBC clip, 100 days in 100 seconds. Now how sweet does that pup Bo look?

Dear Mr. British Music Director at Posh British Academic Institution….

yahooavatar15Dear Music Director of a Posh Academic Institution in Yorkshire,

My name is Ms. Peaceful Yorkshire, and I write to see if you have any availability to teach harp in your music department. I hold a Masters Degree in harp performance from a Royal School and have numerous experiences in teaching at higher institutions worldwide.  As well as a dedicated teacher, I am an experienced harp performer as you can see by the numerous recitals and masterclasses listed on my CV, which I have attached for your perusal.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kindest Regards,

Ms. Peaceful Yorkshire, Mmus



So. I. called. The new American gal freshly moved to Yorkshire needs to work, you know?

3 weeks after letter was sent.

ring ring

HIM: (In posh Queen’s English) Hello?

Me: (With American Accent) Hi, I am just calling to follow up on a letter I sent 3 weeks ago. You see, I am a harpist that has just moved to your area and have heard such great things about your music department. Would you needing any harp teaching this year?

Him: No. We are not interested. Then SLAMS DOWN PHONE.

Yes, readers, that was the conversation.

Me: Big sad Crying ensued… how dare he be so rude and hang up on me like I am some sort of annoyance! I am not some bum looking to clean the loos! Not even a chance to have a decent conversation!

Note to self… don’t ever deal with him or his music department again!


Fast forward to last week, which is 2 and a half years later:

Dear Ms. Peaceful Yorkshire,

We have never spoken before which is why I wanted to be in touch and introduce myself. My name is the posh music director at the poshest school in town. As you can see from our website, we are leaders in music education and are a progressive institution. Would you be interested in doing some teaching at my posh academic institution in Yorkshire? If so, please let me know, we will work around your schedule. We have heard so much about you, and your reputation is well-known. I do hope you would consider working with us, and can’t wait to meet you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Warmest Regards,

The Music director at posh, Academic institution


Dear Music School Director at  posh Academic institution,
Thank you for your email.
I must say I was most surprised to receive it, as we had spoken briefly on the phone when I arrived in Yorkshire 2 and a half years ago– you do remember that we have spoke before? I sent you my CV and then phoned you as well. At that time you made it very clear you were not interested in my services. You actually hung up on me.

Since our last conversation I have taken up the post as principal instructor at another posh academic school (a rival) and I cannot help you at this moment.

With Regards,
Ms. Peaceful Yorkshire,  Mmus


SILENCE (possibly forever from him!)

This incident just happened last week, fellow readers… and writing and then sending that letter never felt better.The rule of karma is active and alive in England… do share with us your British karmic experiences  too!