Even the chavs are playing tennis in England when Wimbledon fever arrives!

yahooavatar15 So what does an American lady living in England need to know about Wimbledon? To heck with guessing! Today I went and emailed the source. Here is the inside info from Ed, a British Tennis Coach working in Yorkshire.

In your opinion what unique things happen in Britain during Wimbledon?

It always feels to me the start of summer when Wimbledon comes on. You will hear words like “Hawk eye”. You will see tennis rackets begin thrown. Young ball boys barely over the age of 10 will be hit by balls traveling over 120 miles an hour. At least 2 people will pass out live on television with heat exhaustion. Cliff Richard, a 60 year old pop star from the 1960′s, will be invited to the semi final and the final. And if it rains at Wimbledon and the game has to stop, Cliff is handed the microphone and he sings to the crowd. Pimm’s comes out, as does strawberries and cream.  My tennis coaching school business booms.

What are your views on the great British hopeful Andy Murray?

This year will be extra exciting because the UK has a genuine championship hopeful. The last time Britain was this excited about Wimbledon was in the heyday of Tim Henman. Outside of the main area where all the posh people sit is a big hill in Wimbledon. If you can’t afford a ticket you can watch it on the big screen there. This was called “Henman Hill” when he was around. Now its called “Murray Mount”. So you will see over the next 2 weeks Britain work itself up into a wild world-cup style frenzy as Andy Murray progresses in the rounds.  Hope that answers your questions if not will see you and Mr. Chill tonight down at the pub later!


P. S. Forget to mention for your blog readers that the biggest thing you will see is that suddenly all the deserted tennis courts across the UK suddenly fill up with people wanting to be Andy Murray against their friends. For these 2 weeks England stops begin a football crazy place and become s a tennis crazy one.Today as I was driving, even the chavs were rampaging their friends with tennis fever. I love it.

British Men– murderers, self-depricating, and not loved by British Women?

yahooavatar15Oh, we have tons of posts about British Men. When the mood strikes, we write about our experiences because our British Men are a big part of our lives. We’re dating them, sleeping with them, married to them, bickering with them, getting visas for them…But enough about what we think! What do other ladies think about British Men?

Click here for a blogger who thinks that “British men can be scary” because of  manky murder cases she read about in Britain (well if you only read the murder stories you would be scared, right?). This lady wrote this in jest… I think.  Here is an excerpt:

“British men have been in the news a lot lately, but not for their admirable qualities. In fact, these men are rather jealous and insensitive and, oh, have a habit of murdering their partners. EXHIBIT #1: Colin Scully, a jealous husband, admitted to police that he strangled his wife Tracey to death after she called out “Paul” while they were having sex…”

Then there is Alexandra Hope, a British feminist. She gives us her take on what British women think of their male counterparts– and its not good. She writes that in comparison to her peers, even Americans ‘in their lack of sophistication’ are at least bunny boilers. I am not sure if she wishes British women were bunny boilers too? Does this make her sad? This specific bunny boiler comment makes me feel very patriotic, of course. “Well God Bless America” is what I say to you, my little feminista honey!. Anyway, here is an excerpt of her post:

British men are the way they are is because we, British women, do not love them. Yes, you heard me right – We, British women, do not love Men. In fact, I am not entirely convinced that we ever did. If we cast an idle glance in the mirror of world history and relevant literature, a rather uncomfortably impassionate image stares back. And that image is enough to give the rest of the world a right to label British women as largely frigid.…”

Oh and then there is this Telegraph article that gives the run-down of British men from ladies from all kinds of international ethnic backgrounds. These single ladies from abroad give their viewpoints while they try to get English men to “put a ring on it”. (Pick your favorite opinion!)

“Part of the problem is that the goal of British courtship is not simply to find a life partner. It is also about doing everything possible to avoid what we hate most – making fools of ourselves. No wonder, then, that extravagant compliments, overt flirtation and official ‘dates’ – all considered normal virtually everywhere else – fail to thrive in the land of the stiff upper lip. Terrified of humiliating rejection, British men, it seems, will do almost anything to avoid showing their true feelings until they are certain they will be reciprocated.”

Last there is a Ellie Levison of the Independent who writes that if you really want to get a British man to fancy you then you better be prepared to be a self-annihilator. Yes, wipe out that confident little American charm from your walk, darling! Well, I say yawn to that approach! Oh wait I mean, I mustn’t yawn I am so STUPID to yawn, I can’t believe I am such a fool to yawn! How could a guy want to date me when I want to yawn? (Ridiculous!)

“The study, by the anthropologist Gil Greengross, looked at the seduction techniques of British people, and found that taking the mickey out of yourself makes you more desirable. This is a peculiarly British form of humour, allowing you to both show off your achievements and show a sense of modesty and, found the study, rarely works when used on foreigners, who tend to take what we say at face value.”

And you, lovely reader, what do think? Do you agree with any of these stories based on your experiences?

Am I responsible for this?

pacific birdOver the weekend, we went out to eat with some friends.  I have no idea how we ended up talking about this, but the subject of Where’s Wally came up.  One of the friends around the dinner table has been to the US and feels like he knows a lot about it.  He knows enough to have noticed some of the differences and he has a tendency to ask me about these things.  I think the first time I met him he asked me to explain why The World Series is so named even though it isn’t a global competition.  I just said something about Canadian teams (I don’t even know if that is true) and changed the subject.  I don’t know why it bothers me that he does this.  I think it is the way he singles me out with this childish grin on his face like “I win” because he has discovered American arrogance and is the first person ever to be clever enough to ask me about it.

So, back to Where’s Wally.  He turned to me and said “I’ve heard in America you call it something else, like changed the name.”  I said “Yeah, it’s Waldo.” “Waldo?  Why Waldo?  Why did they do that?”  (insert grin)  All I could say in return was “Well, why Wally?”  My point was, why is anything called what it is called, how was I to know?  What I wish I said now was “I must have been sick the day we had that meeting.”

The whole thing was silly, and it is silly that I care.  But these things bug me….