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Us three sassy American ladies met in Yorkshire and found we shared the same loves, hates, pleasures and frustrations in living in Britain.The stories and opinions we have about Britain aren’t always nice and pretty– and our feelings aren’t always going to be PC. That’s why we’ve chosen to be always anonymous!

Our smart-as-a-whip readers come from all over the world and many relate to the experiences that we write about, and find it insightful and relevant. And at times irreverent! Yes, we know we have strong opinions– we wouldn’t beShe’s Not From Yorkshire’ if we were sweet all the time! Or, as Yankeebean likes to say “This is not a democracy”. We know that you might not agree with our views…we don’t cater to everyone’s tastes, nor do we try to.

We love your feedback like we love oreo cookies and look forward to your ideas and thoughts on what we post. If you want to leave a comment on one of our pages, we might not answer in the way that you might like. We might not answer at all. We might answer tongue-in-cheek. We might take it seriously, we might not. You might inspire our next post! We will not at anytime, post hateful and abusive comments. We will not post comments that are abusive to the comments of our readers. That’s just not our style.

We’re always changing our minds about what we think so there is no definite. But, your comment might not make the cut if its pedantic, disgusting, or irrelevent. Oh, and patronizing overly long comments (perhaps you might want to start your own blog!?) sometimes gets the boot, too. When we are hormonal or have had a crap day, (you might want to time ones of this nature more carefully) we don’t post comments that are just outright pervy. Just because we are American, does not mean that we want to sleep with you, got it? No threesome proposals will be approved either, as that waiting list is waaaay too long anyway.

Enough will all that policy jargon (well someone had to say it, right?), thanks so much for reading and visiting us!!

Now time for some more Victoria Sponge Cake….


Yankeebean, Peaceful and Pacificbird xx

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