One European man (now in hiding) says that American women are “unbelievably EASY”

yahooavatar15Well, we all know by now that our American accent has the ability to charm many a British man. One British bloke in a cringe- central pickup line hooted “Why, your voice is  all the glamour of  Hollywood coming off of some sweet lil lips, love!”.  Yes, our sexy accent aside, American women are also known to be  independent. Loud. Outspoken. Brash. Nosy. Noisy. In-your-face. But come on… now the claim has been made that we’re “EASY” as well!? Check out this hilarious tongue in cheek article.

Now, then! I would like to take the opportunity to counterattack this claim  as your (unappointed)  ‘She’s Not from Yorkshire’ American representative and offer another viewpoint: I wonder if European men would know that maybe, just maybe—wait, a lot maybe, we are using them just as much as they are using us? I mean come on, we want to have the  “full European experience”, you know?

I, fellow readers will confess that I only dated many a French, German, Macedonian, Norwegian just to experience the thrill of being with a man from oh lala  “Europe”. Looking back I think that behaviour was partly inspired by  the infamous character ‘Isadora Wing’.  Did I ever expect that these little affairs would last when I got back to my American life? Nah, of course not!

I would like to say to European men that we relish the great Italian coffee and your exquisite wine from a carafe.  That quaint Moroccan cafe you showed us for dinner ran by your cousin Leemo. The  stroll by the city river while you whisper unintelligible things in French/Italian/Greek/German that you claim is  your favourite Goethe poem. But, we know its all part of your game. And we wouldn’t expect anything less! I mean, come on, what a great adventure to write in our diaries and tell our friends back home!

And just for the record, at the end of the affair (when the special crepe recipe you showed us was just not enough anymore) us American gals are not begging our European flings to put in a good word for us at the immigration offices!  Note to Mr. European Vespalovah, I can NOT get you a greencard so you can come live with your cousin in NYC for goodness sake…


How being a Shamerican in Britain makes you an accidental sexbomb ? Click here

Being an American in Britain makes you accidentally sexy

yankeebeanDon’t deny it – whatever you’re accent weakness is, you know it’s there (you minx, you)

For many many many (freakin’ MANY) Americans, their weakness is the English accent.  And rightly so, might I add – English people can say almost ANYTHING and it sounds good.  ‘Bastard’ and ‘asshole’ are prime examples (pardon my not-french).  Not the friendliest or most pleasant of words, but said in a posh English accent it’s instant class… ok, maybe not class – but you get what I mean…

Bizarrely, this attraction can be the same in reverse – I’ve met countless English people that seem to think the American accent is the equivalent of a chocolate covered strawberry.

Now I’m about as ‘taken’ as they come – I’m hitched to an awesome Brit who’s the best ever.  As  a result, I think I tend to radiate ‘unavailable’ like it’s stamped, glowing across my forehead.  Everyone that knows me knows that I’m uber-taken, and that I’m crazy about Mr. Nice Guy.  I wonder if that’s why people feel comfortable enough to tell me when they think my accent is cute… although I always feel weird when it happens.  (To be fair, I think everyone involved does – it usually temporarily kills the conversation and causes some shuffling)

Here’s a list of some of the words that have caused said-shuffling:

  • Capo (American = KAY-poh / English = CAH-poh)
  • Tofurkey
  • Compost (American = KAAHM-post / English = COHM-pohst)
  • Capillary (American = CAA-pill-air-ee / English = cuh-PILL-ery
  • Route (American = RAOWt / English = ROOt
  • Tune (American = TOOn / English = CHEWn
  • Semi (American = SEH-my / English = SEH-mee)
  • Strawberry (American = STRAHW-beh-ree / English = STROO-bree)

I’m always surprised when someone thinks the American accent is particularly attractive.  I don’ think it’s bad or anything – it just seems so ordinary to me (for obvious reasons).

So, if you’re American and you want to be sexier, try moving to England.  All you have to do is chat and your accent will take care of the rest :)

Dating a British man–perhaps lacking in romance, but at least still buying you that raunchy lingerie…

yahooavatar15Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Oh, but we did, darlings, we did! Perhaps your British man will only order kinky lingerie for you over the internet, didn’t go bonkers for you on Valentine’s Day, and rarely writes you sappy poems or a song… and its not just us 3 Shes not From Yorkshire lasses that have noticed. Its just that some British blokes (the ones with a stiff upper lip, I think) might not be as cuddly wuddly and over the top as you hoped (well, when compared to your last American lovah). It is just the way it could be for you here in Brittania. What? You thought all English men were like Mr. Darcy and Hugh Grant? Ummm…..

It seems that British men might not be as romantic as you want them to be says a new study. As an American women who is used to a different style of wooing, this could come as a shocker for an uninformed new woman abroad not- in-the-know.  British romance from those silly movies you’ve seen? Sorry, honey. This little fact is one that you might discover as an American women coming to the UK. Roughly, it is in the same category that a) attempting sex at an English B&B is debatable b)you really should descale your tea-kettle every so often, c ) you could think that English radio is a dictatorship, and d) that public toilets in England will generally have no loo roll.

The Times just published a little blurb about British men and their um… deficiencies last month (19/7/09):

British men are among the least romantic in the world. In a study of 6,500 men and women from across the world, psychologist Richard Weisman found that British men were 10% less likely to make romantic gestures then men from other countries. Only 32% of Brit men have written a song or poem for their loved one, compared with 41% of non-British men, and only 44% had taken their other halves on a surprise holiday compared with 51% elsewhere. The study also found that British men mistakenly  believe that buying sexy lingerie is the key to a woman’s heart, when what really want are little gestures and a cup of tea in bed. (I say Oh the ecstasy!!! The rapture!!)

But wait! Before you despair over the lack of recieving impromptu holidays to Torremelinos and Lindt semi-dark, take heart as this seems to be the average British male behaviour.

ps. Funnily enough, the most romantic British man I’ve come across would be Mr. Chavtastic.

Breasts, Penis, Vagina – my introduction to TV in the UK

yankeebeanI’ll never forget it…


Because I was 16, I had just moved to England, I was watching tv WITH MY PARENTS and we saw a commercial for a series of documentaries called ‘Breasts, Penis, Vagina’.

BREASTS, PENIS, VAGINA?!?  It was 8 o’clock at night!!

If you’re uncomfortable reading about it, just think how uncomfortable 16-year-old-yankeebean was LIVING it.

But it gets worse!

This particular commercial was being broadcast right before the beginning of the first in the series.  You guessed it, ‘Breasts’.

So what did we do?  Change the channel?  Nooooo.  Turn of the TV and play some cards?  Nononononono…

We watched it…   WATCHED IT!  With my parents!!!!!

*****end drama*****

I guess looking back on it, it wasn’t so bad… and it was really interesting, too.  A genuine and honest look at a bunch of different women’s breasts.  Not a hint of raunch, nothing skeezy… just breasts.  And it seems like the perfect introduction to the difference between tv in England and America.

A series like that wouldn’t have even been breathed on by tv channels in America – nudity is not to be tolerated (except by HBO.)  But in England, they’ll happily play it on prime time television.  Loud and proud, baby!  I really appreciate how nudity can be handled here without being labeled as evil or wrong – what’s so evil about boobs?

Knowing what I know now – leave it to Channel 4 to run ‘Breasts, Penis, Vagina’… ha!

British Men– murderers, self-depricating, and not loved by British Women?

yahooavatar15Oh, we have tons of posts about British Men. When the mood strikes, we write about our experiences because our British Men are a big part of our lives. We’re dating them, sleeping with them, married to them, bickering with them, getting visas for them…But enough about what we think! What do other ladies think about British Men?

Click here for a blogger who thinks that “British men can be scary” because of  manky murder cases she read about in Britain (well if you only read the murder stories you would be scared, right?). This lady wrote this in jest… I think.  Here is an excerpt:

“British men have been in the news a lot lately, but not for their admirable qualities. In fact, these men are rather jealous and insensitive and, oh, have a habit of murdering their partners. EXHIBIT #1: Colin Scully, a jealous husband, admitted to police that he strangled his wife Tracey to death after she called out “Paul” while they were having sex…”

Then there is Alexandra Hope, a British feminist. She gives us her take on what British women think of their male counterparts– and its not good. She writes that in comparison to her peers, even Americans ‘in their lack of sophistication’ are at least bunny boilers. I am not sure if she wishes British women were bunny boilers too? Does this make her sad? This specific bunny boiler comment makes me feel very patriotic, of course. “Well God Bless America” is what I say to you, my little feminista honey!. Anyway, here is an excerpt of her post:

British men are the way they are is because we, British women, do not love them. Yes, you heard me right – We, British women, do not love Men. In fact, I am not entirely convinced that we ever did. If we cast an idle glance in the mirror of world history and relevant literature, a rather uncomfortably impassionate image stares back. And that image is enough to give the rest of the world a right to label British women as largely frigid.…”

Oh and then there is this Telegraph article that gives the run-down of British men from ladies from all kinds of international ethnic backgrounds. These single ladies from abroad give their viewpoints while they try to get English men to “put a ring on it”. (Pick your favorite opinion!)

“Part of the problem is that the goal of British courtship is not simply to find a life partner. It is also about doing everything possible to avoid what we hate most – making fools of ourselves. No wonder, then, that extravagant compliments, overt flirtation and official ‘dates’ – all considered normal virtually everywhere else – fail to thrive in the land of the stiff upper lip. Terrified of humiliating rejection, British men, it seems, will do almost anything to avoid showing their true feelings until they are certain they will be reciprocated.”

Last there is a Ellie Levison of the Independent who writes that if you really want to get a British man to fancy you then you better be prepared to be a self-annihilator. Yes, wipe out that confident little American charm from your walk, darling! Well, I say yawn to that approach! Oh wait I mean, I mustn’t yawn I am so STUPID to yawn, I can’t believe I am such a fool to yawn! How could a guy want to date me when I want to yawn? (Ridiculous!)

“The study, by the anthropologist Gil Greengross, looked at the seduction techniques of British people, and found that taking the mickey out of yourself makes you more desirable. This is a peculiarly British form of humour, allowing you to both show off your achievements and show a sense of modesty and, found the study, rarely works when used on foreigners, who tend to take what we say at face value.”

And you, lovely reader, what do think? Do you agree with any of these stories based on your experiences?

My English man and our long distance relationship

yankeebeanLots of people find She’s Not From Yorkshire because they’ve fallen for an English man – and so have we!  A comment left recently by Dreamer got me thinking about the logistics of meeting, falling in love with, dating, and possibly marrying and English man.

It’s not the first time we’ve been asked for advice about the long-distance idea, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  But, I always feel nervous about giving any kind of advice, because every relationship is different – and long distance relationships are SO hard and fierce and all-or-nothing… I never know what to say.

All I can talk about is my own experience, so here goes!

I met Mr Nice Guy when I was 16 and living in England.  I knew OF him, but didn’t really know him for 2 years.  But, one fateful prom night, we kissed and that led to us hanging out and getting to know each other more.

After 2 months, we knew were in love and after 4 months I got on a plane and flew back to America to go to University.

So begins the long distance!  Emails at least three times a day and a phone call every day or every other day.  Plus a flight every 3 or 4 months – we both worked our butts off outside of Uni to fund all this, cos what else can you do?  Skype was just a twinkle in the eye of the world wide web, so there was no web-cam chats or anything so glam, but we used what we had.  We got through the initial ‘trust issues’ although the deeply-rooted ‘he’s-going-to-meet-someone-else’ worries never really vanished.

Long distance came with built in worries, insecurities, loneliness, and jealousy but it was counter-weighted with joy, love, laughter and adventure.  I spent 95% of my time waiting for the other 5% of my time to arrive.  And when it did, I would spend 2 weeks with Mr Nice Guy love-drunk, hazy, randy and happy only to fly home crying and already planning the next trip.

It was really hard… but it was 200% worth it.

Everyday, I woke up and asked myself if I still loved Mr Nice Guy, if I still wanted him to be MY Mr Nice Guy and the answer was always ‘yes’.  So I kept emailing and calling (and sometimes flying) everyday for 4 years until we came out the other side.  If, for any reason, the answer had been ‘no’, I would have had to seriously think about what my next step was.

I hate remembering the ‘long-distance’ stuff, but I LOVE that it worked out (and mostly that it’s over and now we have a regular-distance-relationship).  And as much as I hated the ‘long-ness’, it helped (/forced) us to sort through a lot of relationship issues and laid a really strong foundation for the rest of our lives together.

So if any of you are considering a long-distance relationship, or you’re smack-dab in the middle of one, or you’re struggling to keep one alive, we know how you feel!  Any lack of advice is just because we don’t want to suggest something that will feel wrong for you – only you will really know what’s right… but we do understand that it’s a difficult situation – and we’re here for each other and for you guys, too!

How do the British celebrate Valentine’s Day? Very Quietly.

yahooavatar15Valentine’s Day in England. What could be done to celebrate and cheer up the atmosphere? Tonight at ASDA I was looking for some of those small Valentine’s Day Cards to give out to the kids I teach. An unidentified English informant said “OH NO. You cant do that. They are only for lovers. Child Safety will be all over you if you give kids Valentines!”

I typed into Google… “How do the British celebrate Valentine’s Day?”.

What came up first? Nudists can celebrate Valentine’s Day nude in pub

It didn’t take me too long to realize that a lack of definitive findings about what anyone in Britain really does on Valentine’s day seems to say that Brits celebrate it more quietly than America.

Well, unless you were alive sometime ago. According to this a website I found, in Great Britain on Valentine’s Day Eve, women used to pin four bay leaves to the corners of their pillow and eat eggs with salt replacing the removed yokes. They believed they would then dream of their future husbands.

Ok, that’s like, not what women do here anymore,  so where can I find out some more info?

So I decided to go right to the source: Mr. Chill, my English boyfriend. An interview:

Tell our readers a bit about you before we begin.

I am a Cumbrian in my late thirties, drive a Honda Civic and support Everton FC. I enjoy a fine single-malt whiskey on the night time.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I do now having had my eyes widened and opened by an American lady who celebrates EVERYTHING! I think that Valentine’s day is something that Brits reluctantly do , something that HAS to be done as opposed to something that British men feel fantastic and wonderful about. In fact this is how Valentine’s day IS  in Britain, we just don’t do big heart-felt speeches like you Americans do. British people are so reserved and held back that it is an understated event. People keep most of what they feel hidden deep down and then let 10% go free for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day gifts sold online in the UK are HUGE.


Because British people feel strange going out and buying gifts– and if they are seen at Tesco’s it is embarrassing. You will see everyone looking left and right at the cards to see if anyone is looking at them. They want to get in and out FAST.

Does this mean my gift will be bought online?

That’s for me to know and you to wonder.

Anything else you want to tell people about Valentine’s Day in Britain?

That’s it. Oh and that everyone breathes a sigh of relief once the 15th arrives.

(So there you have it folks, words  straight from a British man– and of course, Happy Valentine’s Day!!)

You searched: I am in love with an Englishman. Dating a hot British Man. American Woman and Manchester United fan meet-up for a date. Differences between Americans and Brits in bed.

yahooavatar15Dear Reader,

Us 3 American women from “She’s Not From Yorkshire” didn’t start this blog so we could focus all of our attention on English men. Or American men.  Or what’ s the difference? Or  what it’s like to date one (great!). Heck no!! But… according to our trusty Google Analytics, many of our trusty readers have found our blog by typing into Google:

  • “I am in love with an Englishman”
  • “I hate British men”
  • “Dating an Englishman long distance through the internet”
  • “How to make love to an Englishman this weekend”
  • “How to meet and fall in love with an Englishman”
  • “The Differences between American men and English men”

Your searches have made us laugh (because we have searched the same things ourselves!), and our posts about our Englishmen sure do get the hits! We  have figured out what it is…there just aren’t that many resources for American women dating/loving/sleeping with/married to British men, are there?! Its a topic still being researched– oh yes, that along with genetic cloning and alien abduction.

But if you are looking for answers (about as likely as solving the 1948 Roswell incident) and want a little humor about this topic, then have a look at this post to cheer you up when its the stupid Credit Crunch and its cold but  its almost Valentine’s Day so you might be looking for love so this might help.


“When it comes to the attractiveness of British men, American women are simply incapable of rendering a proper judgment. Bad teeth, the unibrow, Guinness bloat, doesn’t matter; hell, we think Tony Blair is hot. Studies have proven that British accents are, in fact, the number one cause of hot women dating nerdy men. (Number two cause? Woody Allen.) There’s nothing wrong with dating men who have British accents; Madonna liked her husband’s so much she got one of her own. But there are scoundrels out there—those who use their cute British accents to lure innocent birds to their flat for a friendly game of hide the blood sausage. Sorry.”

(Go on, click over, you know you need to have a laugh. What, its not like WE have any answers either!) And,  in the meantime, we will keep writing and trying to figure out life in the UK with British men too.

Yours Sincerely,


Five ways to meet an American man in American Suburbia

yahooavatar15As you might recall, I have been in America these past couple weeks visiting, and let me tell you, lovely readers, my family doesn’t live in a big city. No high-town thrills of thumping clubs, or schmaltzy bars. Nope, when I go home to see the family I am stuck in suburbia– the land of strip malls, soccer moms, Starbucks on every corner and Wal-Mart specials.  As unglamorous as it is, I have been surprised at the ample opportunities I could have had to meet an American man if I wasn’t dating Mr. Chill (and in Suburbia Everytown, USA, nonetheless!) Here is the scoop and some tips to meet an American man the next time you are in Americana Suburbia…

  • 1) As you know when visiting America, there are a lot of great places to meet young-educated-well-respectable men. BUT I have found out that you need more than that– you need to find one that can cook! I was in the overpriced Williams Sonoma in the Every Town Shopping Mall looking at cut-outs for Mince Pies. I managed to see about 6 different eligible men (meaning no wedding ring and not gay) in the queue for free apple cider samples…. well, what more can I say? There was a good chance to meet one– and  all I had to do was get in the apple cider line …score number 1!
  • 2) “Excuse me” I said to the thirty-something Brooks Brothers salesman in pinstripes. “Do you have this cashmere scarf in grey? My brother really would love one of those”.”Oh” he said, “looks like we’re out–are you from around here? I could order you one from another store”. “No”,  I said, “I live in England, but thanks anyway”. What followed was a 15 minute conversation about his love of English beer. I don’t even like beer but hey, it was score number 2!
  • 3) “Now is that a tall Peppermint Schmoliday Holiday low fat Mocha you were wanting?” The Starbucks Barrista with dreadlocks and chocolate eyes inquired.”Oh no” I said, “just the small one.”"Well”, he said, that is the small one but let me just give you the larger one anyway, you have nice eyes. Score number 3!
  • 4) I was in Barnes and Noble Booksellers and I said, “Excuse me” as I reached down to pick up a sultry “Neruda Poetry Collection of Love Sonnets”. A male voice said over my shoulder: “I just love his stuff, too” said the man looking at the same shelf as me.Yeah right, I thought, I could have picked up Winnie the Pooh… but hey, it was another opportunity if I  would have wanted that. Score number 4!
  • 5) Now that you have gotten this far reading, this one is the kicker of all of them!! Walk in a suburban neighborhood to the store/salon/7-11/or heck, just wander. Walk without a dog and without your workout gear on– that will distinguish you from the rest of the Desperate Housewives walking population in suburbia. AGAIN, The trick is walking in your normal street gear (But as you already know, most British woman will look good anyway because your clothes are more stylish than most of America).  Now, walking in your neighborhood in Britain would be a normal thing so it wouldn’t really work there, but here in America it is the most unusual thing to see unless you are a 19 year old Mormon or are a Girlscout selling Thinmints. So there I was one cold morning walking in suburbia past perfectly manicured lawns with huge porches in my Khaki Zara trench, Office boots, Kookai cardi– yeah, you get the idea. I mean, I WAS only was walking to get my hair done at the nearby salon. I was on the way back, with a bounce in my step and sporting my new caramel highlights an important looking Ford F150 from “Duke Energy Company” stops. Down rolls the window to a lovely American man in his work uniform with curly hair and sparkly blues.”Hey” he says, “You ok, you need a lift? Did you break down?”. “No, I say I am ok, just walking…”. “Are you sure?” he says “I can take you anywhere… where do you live?”. I know, I know, you are probably thinking what a creep… but he wasn’t… he was just a good old American boy just trying to be nice– and if there wasn’t Mr. Chill…. I would have had him drive me home 2 minutes down the street NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Score number 5!

Now, who says suburbia is boring and unglamourous again?

How to fall in love with an English man – part 3

First of all – Happy 2009 to our readers!

avt_kapyork_large115Last year, Mr. Charismatic and I enjoyed a year of travel We have been debating what kind of year 2009 will be – yesterday we settled on a Year of Romance! Let me tell you why…

But first, it might be handy to read Parts 1 and 2 of How to Fall in Love with an English Man.

Six years after that chance meeting in Part 1- we are getting married! I know you might be out there thinking “6 years! What a long time to decide to get married!” When we met, I would have said that I could never manage to wait six years. That’s not to say we weren’t committed to the relationship but things all take a bit more time when you are in an international relationship.

After we met we sent emails and made phone calls for 8 months before Mr. Charismatic came back to the US. In fact we had many periods of long distance romance over the 3 years that he hopped back and forth with temporary working visas to the US. Next, came my decision to study in Britain for a year. That led to temporary employment which has been extended several times and is the way that I have managed to stay until we were eligible to be “unmarried partners” in the eyes of the UK government. We got engaged last May and are planning our wedding for June. :)

We’ve had plenty of romance over the years. But this year, we are taking that step to put our relationship first. 2009 will be our year to say out loud that immigration is no longer going to rule us!

Well, there is that small matter of getting his visa to the US – that’s right we have decided to make the move back to the US! This is for many reasons and is far more about wanting to be there than wanting to leave the UK. In fact I have mixed feelings about leaving the UK because I have enjoyed my time here. But it just seems like the right time to have a go in the US.

Not to worry though, I’ll be around for several more months. And I’d like to continue blogging from the perspective of bringing my English man to the US with me.