We fixed it!

Hello lovlies – You might have noticed that we were hacked about two weeks ago at which point the website went haywire, Google blacklisted us and you probably started seeing all kinds of browser warnings about how dodgy we are.

I can’t apologise enough for this – we were a victim of something that’s called 0day.php malware.  It’s now been removed – our website is once again clean and minty-fresh.  All threats have been removed and Google have un-blacklisted us after reviewing our code updates for confirmation.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll answer them as best as I can.  Now back to our expat antics!

A few small changes, everyone stay calm

yankeebeanDon’t panic!  DON’T PANIC!!  Everyone stay calm!!!

Phew, thank the high heavens you lovely peeps are so calm… you’re doing swimmingly!

This is just a quick one to talk through a few small changes that are coming to She’s Not From Yorkshire.  Only 2, nothing major, no amputations and no plastic surgery – in fact, it’s kinda the opposite.

The look and feel of our blog is going to change a bit in the coming weeks, we’re moving over to a new design for a couple of reasons:

  1. We’ve been jonesin’ for a less ‘everybody-uses-it’ design for awhile
  2. We’re coming up to our 1 year anniversary (WOOP!!!) and it’s time to freshen up a little :)
  3. Our new design will make room for some classy-looking, never cheezy, never random ad space

This brings me to the next point, we’re going to add a couple of ads to She’s Not From Yorkshire.  Basically, you are all FLIPPIN’ OUTSTANDING and that means we need a lot of bandwidth to run our blog.  This is NOT a complaint (I can’t emphasise that enough).  You, yes you, the one reading this right now – I think you’re fantastic and I hope you’ll come back again to read about more hijinks as it happens.

But we’d like SNFY to be able to pay it’s own bills, so we’ll be introducing 4 small, tidy ads that (gasp!) are actually relevant to American women living in England.  This means no random adverts for penis enlargement (but hey, whatever you’re in to, lovelies…).

What does this mean for you?  Nuttin’… the blog will be the same, we’ll continue to write about whatever pops into our expat shamerican heads.  I just wanted to keep you posted so you know what’s going on… because, as mentioned earlier, we think you’re fantastic… :)