British TV: Penises. Penises everywhere. And balls.

Posted on November 13, 2012 by yankeebean

I have just witnessed a well-spoken doctor squeezing a man’s ball sack on English TV.  They were chatting easily as she casually dug around down there.  There was chirpy music playing in the background.  Xylophone, I think.

Before that I watched a woman take a dump while getting an X-Ray.

And again!  Another scrotum!  This ones being injected with something.  I won’t go into detail.

I’m talking about the TV Show, Embarrassing Bodies on that classiest of English TV channels – Channel 4.  People come on this show to talk through their most embarrassing medical conditions and then they’re filmed while they’re being treated.  Let’s ignore the fact that this is a crazy idea for a TV show (and, naturally, let’s ignore the fact that I’m admitting to watching it :-D ).  Instead, let’s focus on the deeply rooted confusion I’m feeling.  Did I fall asleep and wake up in America?  Through the haze, I think I can see something… HBO?  Is that you?

These lovely English people go on TELEVISION to talk about these things. They drop trou, women casually whip out their boobs, men present their penises. And while all their flesh flashes in super-close-up, they’re chatting away like they’re having a fully-clothed-cuppa in the local caf.

Are these the same people who are uncomfortable when I ask what they’re name is too early in a conversation?? The very same Brits that think it’s hilariously inappropriate that Americans swap medical histories with strangers they meet on the bus?  I MUST be missing something.

I know Americans have a built-in personal freedom when it comes to discussing their lives. Medical problems, money, relationship issues – it’s ALLLLLL open season in America, baby. The other day, someone in my family posted an update on Facebook that said, ‘Hi ho, hi ho, off to my colonoscopy I go’.

But she didn’t film it and put it on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, I friggin’ love that this show exists. It shows that Brits can have a stiff upper lip even when they’re bare-arse to the breeze.  A lot of them don’t seem even remotely nervous, either.  I don’t get it.  SERIOUSLY.

But I’m not 100% shocked because it’s not the first time I’ve had a run in with genitalia on prime time British TV.  And I know it isn’t the last…

Anyone else seen this show?  Will anyone else admit to it? :-D

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Caitlin November 16, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    My aunt got me to watch “Unsafe Sex in the City”.. you know, because I want to move to England, and as she says, it’s just hilaaaarious.
    Never thought people (esp. British people!!) would want to go on television when they find out that they have chlamydia or syphilis because they have had unprotected sexwith 50+ people in 3 months!
    But still, it does make for interesting television… And I know what to look out for when I finally make it over the pond!

    • yankeebean November 17, 2012 at 1:16 pm

      Hahaaa! Right before I moved the UK, my Grandma sat me down and told me a once-upon-a-time-esque story about a girl who moved away to the big city. In this story, the girl became lonely and didn’t know what to do, so she started to DRINK. Needless to say, the moral of the story was – don’t move to another country and become an alcoholic :)

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