It is National Cheesecake Day today-thank you, America!

Posted on July 30, 2009 by peacefulyorkshire

yahooavatar15 Well, call us Americans over-excited if you must, because in general we do like to celebrate! For all you She’s Not from Yorkshire readers living in America today, I am envious. Today I have learned that The Cheesecake Factory is offering their cheesecake for $1.50 in honour of the national holiday– the same price as 1978 when the original restaurant opened in Beverly Schmills.

How do you explain an important American institution  like the Cheesecake Factory to someone who is not American? Its a toughie! I would start by mentioning the 146 locations dotted across the country (ok so I looked that one up), and that the restaurants are mostly located in/near shopping malls (to draw in those hungry consumers, I suppose.)

I would then go on to describe the decor. Oh, its supposed to look like really classy and fancy, like something those sophisticated “Europeans” would design. I am talking swirly- pink -marble -galore and Doric columns in abundance. I then explain that this place does food too, not just desserts (well, like cheesecake but its NOT a factory!). But some people go and have only cheesecake for their dinner. (That’s America for you! I explain, the freedom to have dessert for your main course).

You’d better be hungry because the portions are as big as your face bigger than your head. In fact, its usually so crowded with customers that you get a little buzzer when your table is ready as there is usually a huge queue for tables. I would end by explaining that unlike in the UK doggy bags are the norm. Sigh. Doggie bags full of cheesecake….

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Gem June 16, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Just so you know, England has an equivalent to the hundreds of flavours of cheesecake Cheesecake Factory does! it’s and their cheesecakes are delicious! from sea salted caramel to red velvet to banoffee pavlova to cookie dough – it’s well worth checking them out!

  2. YankeeBean August 2, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Oh my God… I want cheesecake right now. Cuppa tea will have to do, though! :)

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  4. I Love This Blog! August 1, 2009 at 7:38 am

    :) As with all of your posts (and this goes for the other ladies, too!) this brought a grin to my face! Haven’t popped my head up for a while but just wanted to give a little wave hello. I’m still reading and loving this blog! :)

  5. peacefulyorkshire July 30, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Hi jennifer, thanks and welcome back to our blog!
    Celebrated or not, as if anyone needs an excuse to indulge in a little cheesecake one on one…!!

  6. Jennifer July 30, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    I thought National Cheesecake Day was not real as a morning show I listen too said it yesterday! Yummmmm cheesecake!

    I haven’t been there in forever for the exact reason you said – I hate waiting and it’s always crowded.

    Have a great day!

  7. pacificyorkshirebird July 30, 2009 at 1:27 am

    D’yu knoh? (yorkshire accent attempt) Must head to local mall for $1.50 cheesecake!!! Thanks for the informative post. It will make my day. Wish I could save you some in a doggy bag!

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