Tanning in America now costs $49 a go, say what?

Posted on July 25, 2009 by pacificyorkshirebird

avt_kapyork_large115Hello lovely readers!  Not to be a total bridezilla but I did get married to my fabulous English bloke a month ago and I’ve been saving up stories to share with you. 

A little bit of background:

1) Mr. Charismatic and I moved back to my home city in America about a month before our wedding.

2) I wear SPF 15 or better every day and was so sad when all the Friends stars started appearing super tan circa 1997 because I knew a crazy perma-tan culture was about to take hold and I would be thrust into a vanity vs. sensability battle over my skin. 

3) My tanning experience is limited to about 4 sessions right before my junior prom in 1998, maybe 2 sessions in college, and two weeks of regular tanning during my second year in Yorkshire which I justified with the typical British tanning excuse: I’m going on holiday and I don’t want to burn on the first day. 

So, Mr. Charismatic and I planned to do about 3-4 tanning sessions each before our wedding just to have a light tan color and I promised myself that this would be my last ever time in a tanning bed.  Well, let me tell you – I will keep that promise to myself for sure because in the 4 years I was in Britain, the cost of tanning in America spiraled into total insanity!

Did you know that there are crazy new systems of tanning that somehow use high pressure bulbs to increase the ratio of UVA to UVB rays?  This is how the ridiculous sales person explained it to us: “When it comes to tanning, what is more important to you – safety or cost?  Safety you say?  Then all you need to know is that the B in UVB stands for Bad.  So, the higher the concentration of UVA’s the better the tan and I promise you won’t burn at all.  It starts at $49 per session.”

So what did we do?  Ignored our instincts to run away and went for the cheaper option (which was still like $13 a session) AND completely got burnt even though we only tanned for 8 minutes.  Do you remember when tanning was about $5 and all you had to do was go use the one normal bed at the local gym?  Apparently, this is not how it works anymore. 

Me and tanning?  No longer friends – and my skin thanks me for that.

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