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Posted on May 24, 2009 by pacificyorkshirebird

avt_kapyork_large115 Good Afternoon Ladies,

Part of my Sunday ritual usually includes watching Something for the Weekend on BBC2.  This morning, Tori Amos was a guest on the show.  She was my teenage hero in the 90′s (along with Sarah McLachlan) but I had no idea I would connect with her again in my late 20′s.

She married a British man and they, along with their daughter, split their time between Cornwall and East Coast USA.  She gave a fantastic interview on the show – mostly about being an American in Britain and she has clearly settled amongst those who strive to hold on to their “Americaness” and even referred to herself as a guest in Britain.  Her new single is even about a American woman who moves to London and loses too much of herself trying to fit in.  Sound familiar?

You can see the interview here:

And, watch out for her new video on youtube,  called “Welcome to England”.  I’ll post a link when I find it.

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  1. peacefulyorkshire May 26, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    We were only 20 years old and my American flatmate in London was crazy about Tori Amos. In fact so much that she dragged me all the way to Cornwall because she wanted to see the area in England where Tori lived and raved about. But now 10 years on and I can relate to her feelings about not wanting to lose your American-ness in the UK and how she was lucky to fall in love with a British man. It was nicec to hear that even famous Americans living in Britain go through what I experience, its not just me!
    I also loved her point about when Brits come to America they keep their “British-ness” and everyone accepts them for that unique trait, so shouldn’t she do the same here? Great lil’ interview, can’t wait to see the video!

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  3. peacefulyorkshire May 26, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Ps. If you would like to watch Tori perform Welcome to England on the Jay Leno show you can click here

    Also found the lyrics too which you might enjoy:

    “Do a dance for me.”
    Baby it is late still you pour me
    a tall one…
    “Go on, let the liquid take off what you’re on.
    You’ve been down before…”
    Boy, not like this.
    I’m in Quicksand I am sinking fast
    “perfect,” he laughed, “cause your other half has
    got himself a Devil’s access– Welcome to England,”
    he said, “Welcome to my world. You better bring your own sun
    sweet girl. You gotta bring your own sun now don’t you forget –
    you bring your own sun, just enough for everyone.”

    Heels on. Go on.
    Bang a Tango but do not get tangled
    Who can stay strong? when they only give us lies to lean on
    When your heart explodes is it deathly cold?
    You must let the colors violate the
    There is a magic world parallel
    so leave your daily
    hell– “Welcome to England,”
    he said, “Welcome to my world…”
    It’s not a question if I can
    Fight by your side and withstand
    Anything but,
    I forgot that you said, “Girl if you come…
    you better bring your sun.
    Sweet girl, you gotta bring your sun
    Now don’t you forget you bring your sun–
    Just enough for
    for everyone
    “Welcome to England”
    welcome to England

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