Posted on March 11, 2009 by yankeebean

yankeebeanOne of our fellow fantastic ameri-brits has tagged us in her blog!  This is in reference to the ’25 random things’ email that’s going around right now.  In response to An American Girl’s list – here are 11 random things about me.

In keeping with this blog, I will make them all random facts related to the time I was first moving to England:

  1. I’ve moved to England twice.  Once with my family when I was 16 and once when I was 22 to come and marry Mr Nice Guy
  2. I used to call tea ‘dirt in a cup’ until I tried Earl Grey and he seduced me…
  3. I genuinely thought most streets would be cobblestone streets before I moved here
  4. I like M&M’s but I don’t like Smarties.  Must be those tasty E-numbers!
  5. I’m still often stymied by British pronunciation.  How can ‘Derby’ be called ‘Dar-bee’?
  6. My hair grows MUCH more quickly when I’m in England (this is confirmed by the lady that cuts my hair)
  7. I don’t like having baked beans for breakfast – it kinda freaks me out…
  8. Fried bread also freaks me out
  9. I first moved to England with my family when I was 16
  10. The first thing an English person said to me when I got here was ‘What’s a Twinkie?’
  11. I don’t think it rains in England nearly as much as everyone thinks, but I DO think I notice it more because I’m usually walking instead of driving.

How about you Peacefulyorkshire and Pacificyorkshirebird?  Any takers?

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Steve Shawcross July 30, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    In Tudor times, there was phase where “er” was pronounced “ar”. In fact this where get the word “parson” from (confer “person”). Also this pronunciation survives in “clerk” in the UK.

    This phase passed, presumably at the time of the Great Vowel Shift. However the er/ar survived, and still survives, with several place names. Ones I can think of are…

    Derby(shire), Berkley, Berkshire, Clerkenwell, Hertford(shire). They are few others I’m sure…

  2. notfromaroundhere March 12, 2009 at 10:04 am

    The cobblestone streets thing must depend on where you live–by me they are mostly cobbled! It’s really treacherous walking when it’s raining, or even worse, when we had the snow this winter!

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