Customer Service in the US, Customer Neglect in the UK

Posted on January 24, 2009 by yankeebean

yankeebeanEveryone has their own opinions about customer service and how much attention they want/need in a retail situation.  And, as you may have guessed, I have mine too…

When I was back in the States I freakin’ LOVED the level of customer service I received everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE).  I almost felt like flippin royaly!

  • First you enter the grocery store/restaurant/gas station/church/cafe/insert-anywhere-else-here
  • Someone SMILES and greets you
  • Someone SMILES and asks if they can help you
  • Someone SMILES and happily talks you through any questions you have
  • Someone SMILES while they serve you
  • Someone SMILES when you’re done, says ‘have a great day’ and  actually sound like they mean it!

I was stymied by the attention, to be honest.  I was even a little embarassed.  But happy…

I realise that they’re smiling at me because it’s their job, but I don’t care, I LIKE IT.  And people happily chat with you, you can start a conversation without people looking for your third eye.

Part of me appreciates the aloof  ‘service’ you get in England, you get left in peace to do your own thing.  But my personal preference is to the Disney-esque song and dance that ensues every time you set foot in a store in America.

Have a great day!!! ;)

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What Others Are Saying

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  2. Vanessa November 23, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    As I plough through the blog posts, I was left wondering if there would be one about Customer Service and of course, you ladies didn’t let me down!

    I couldn’t agree more with you! My boy and I went to dinner on Friday and had such horrible service. We ordered two portion of chips. The first time they came out, they weren’t cook so I asked my boy if it was okay for me to return them because I didn’t want to embarrass him and he said ‘yes.’ So I sent them back. When the waitress brought them back, half were still uncooked and the other half were burnt. I spoke to a manager who in a huff sent them back once again. They came back for a final time and they were all burnt! The waitress looked embarrassed and when the manager came to ask us how they were. We just said ‘look at them!’ The manager proceeded to roll his eyes and put his arms up in a ‘I don’t know what you want me to do’ way and walked off.

    At the end of the dinner, my lovely boy told the waitress that we were most definitely not paying for the chips which came out to £6! I was so proud to be his girlfriend because I know it’s not in his nature to complain.

    Gosh, it feels so good to vent! I am so glad someone will understand.

  3. Steve Shawcross July 29, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    I certainly agree on this one, American servers are unfailingly polite.

    In London smiling is a crime! It is better up north I think, go to places such as Manchester and they treat more like a human being– rather than something that’s crawled out the drains

  4. peacefulyorkshire January 30, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Last night I went to dinner at Loch Fyne here in York for Mr. Chill’s bday celebration. The service *was terrible*. The funny thing is that if I were still living in America, I might have had a”word with the manager” about how horrible it was and how disappointed we were. But instead, I just silently fumed and dealt with it and vented to myself. If I would have complained I don’t think that it would have done anything. I would have just looked like the ugly American…
    Does this happen to anyone else?

  5. American Girl in the UK January 28, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Ladies: You’ve been tagged! :)
    It’s a crazy thing. But, just do it! Check out my recent post for the “rules” or whatever. It is a kinda cool thing to do.
    Happy New Year, BTW!!!!!

  6. Iota January 24, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Try going to Belgium. Belgium is legendary for rude service – it makes Britain seem polite and attentive!

  7. notfromaroundhere January 24, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    I don’t miss being followed around by people in stores even though I’ve said several times “just looking” but I do agree there must be some compromise between the OTT sales staff in the states and the surly unresponsive ones here.

    That said, have you tried to buy anything in the Apple store lately? US or UK, they’ve changed the format so there is NO counter and you have to flag down someone to buy anything, while they mull around in the store talking to people. I hate HATE it.

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