St. Obama, can you fix my son's visa?

Posted on November 10, 2008 by peacefulyorkshire

yahooavatar15So, now that Obama has won, the questions aren’t:

Whoareyougoingtovotefor/didyouvote/whowillwin blah blah

Now the comments go like this at my 10:15 tea break:

English Person with Cup of Tea: “I bet you are so happy that Obama won, huh?”

Me: “Yes, thank goodness”, nodding my head politely.

E.P.W.C.O.T: Now I sure hope he is going to do something about (now fill in the blank from these choices:)

the Economy!

the War in Iraq!

the War in Afghanistan!

Peace for the Middle East!!

World Peace in general!

Helping the environment!

Giving Americans a better reputation!

My son’s Visa application problem !

Me: “I hope so too!”, enthusiastically smiling. But really thinking he’s not YOUR president. Get your own! Change Britain’s patriarchal system and you could have one too!! How do I know if he is going to solve all the world’s problems? Bugger off (oh wait that last thought is too British!) he’s not a miracle worker! Quick, drink your tea!

I then look at my watch, smile politely, rinse my tea cup and walk away to go back to my harp teaching.

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  1. Steve Shawcross July 30, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Who is American president is actually quite important to us: The USA is the leader of the free world and the world’s largest economy, so Obama’s decisions will have profound effects on us.

    Plus the USA effectively decides UK foreign policy these days– so it’s nice to know who has the finger on the button for us ;)

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