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Posted on November 3, 2008 by peacefulyorkshire

yahooavatar15Most frequently asked question I get from English colleagues “Who do you think is going to win this election?”. I am all knowing because I American. I should know, right? Colleague¬† then proceeds to tell me they like (fill in candidates name here) for this reason or that as if they have a say in the manner and can cast their own vote.

Then the big question comes : “who are you going to vote for?” I find it all annoying because its none of their business who I would vote for. I have one colleague named Fran who is obsessed with the election and I hide from her in the corridors. Only because Fran only wants to chat about how handsome Obama is and how he should win/ and the polls say this/ and did you see the BBC today? Blah blah blah. For the record Obama is my man, but I dont want to talk about him all the time just because I am the only American for miles around!

Many colleagues on Wednesday will be wanting to talk to me at my tea break, because they want to chat about the election. I’ll be sipping my tea and it willl go something like this:

“can you believe (fill in blank) won?”

I will just nod my head, smile, finish my tea and go back to my harp teaching. I will be glad when all the election hoop-la is over.

But I do hope tht Obama is the man. But I will keep that to myself on my tea break because I am tired of talking about it.

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  1. peacefulyorkshire November 6, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    Hi Andee,
    So glad to meet another Yorkshire musician! Your comment made me laugh about your customer– as if it is anyone’s business who you vote for, especially theirs- they don’t even know you!
    Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to think they know what America needs? Many Europeans always seem to offer me their unasked for opinion:
    This is how the conversation would go with a little more attitude on my behalf:
    “Have you ever lived in America”
    “Have you ever worked in America?”
    “Have you ever raised a family in America?
    “Have you ever even BEEN to America?”

    Then I would say Oh, no? None of the above? Then please don’t offer me your plan for America’s future!

  2. Andee November 6, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Ugh. The same thing happens to me. I work retail and there is a very annoying customer that I wish I could hide from when I see her coming. She has asked me too many personal questions from who did I want to win in the election to questions about my visa, etc.
    By the way–you teach harp?? I play the harp as well!

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